When it serves a purpose above that of mere entertainment (a noble enough purpose, one supposes), drama sheds a light on the human condition, highlighting some aspects and shrouding others in darkness. The actor struts and frets his or her hour upon the stage. We in the audience spectate and speculate – we reflect on the spectacle. If the stars align, something we see may resonate with us and make us just a little wiser about our own role in the world (which, according to one Famous Maker Big Deal Playwright, is just another stage). 

The genius of Victoria Goodhart’s What? a story show is to omit The Author, cut out the middleman as it were, and let her players bring their drama directly to you. These tales are all true; raw yet still sweet somehow – dark and light and dark and light. In all these stories, comedy and tragedy are admixed in varying degree. Each of them shows us a part of what it means to be alive. 

You may find that some of the actors accounts of their experiences resonate directly with you and some may not but it’s all ripped straight from Life – the real deal. Come and enjoy. Watch and learn.


The actors are talented, charming and very appealing. I enjoyed seeing them play supporting characters in each other’s stories. And the anecdotes themselves — heartbreaking, funny, all too real. A “novel” approach to storytelling.

Moving and surprising stories from each of the actors’ lives play out a “chapter” at a time, interspersed with each other, kept me on the edge of my seat. What happens next? I couldn’t wait for the next chapter.

I’d love to see WHAT? A STORY part 2 next year!

Kristen Grant

What? – What an amazing show of engaging storytelling. The cast present a seamless intertwining of their personal adventures that are often emotional and heartbreaking yet fun and funny too. A very talented ensemble! Beyond the seamless interchange of stories, they make excellent use of the special tech sounds, including a funny, voiceover at the beginning of the show preparing the audience for what’s to come.

Extra fun – you can nab some yummy treats after the show which the actors feature in a very funny “commercial break”. Definitely one of the highlights of the Fringe festival. I highly recommend!


I very much enjoyed What? A Story Show. I liked the originality of this concept and how well it was orchestrated. In most traditional story-telling shows, each performer is given their allotted time to share their tale. This show takes story-telling to another level. Each story is broken down into segments and the performer will begin to narrate their personal tale. Then the story is brought to life and acted out with the other performers in the ensemble. 

Director Goodhart takes an original concept and soars with it. Each story is deeply personal and we get to actually relive it with not only the words and tone, but with the scene laid out before us.

Angela Beevers

A special storytelling experience that weaves together so many different unique perspectives in a new way. I loved the structure of this show, it’s definitely something I haven’t seen before. I was touched by all of these different stories, and I loved how every single one had something profound to say.

Alyssa Virker

I loved the seamless transition between each story and how each of the actors participated in each other pieces. I’ve never seen this type of concept before and I thought it really worked. Also, Victoria is just a wonderful performer!This heartfelt and honest show is a collection of multiple stories all told in a group effort. With all the stories weaved together, you can’t wait to see what will happen next in each storyline.

Kristina Mueller

The stories are fascinating, heart-breaking, surprising, hopeful. I enjoyed that it wasn’t just one story after another, but that there was time and thought put into how all the stories were woven together, like a theatrical patchwork quilt. Watching each actor become a different character in a fellow actor’s story also reminded me that we’re all connected in some way.

True stories, woven together in a fluid and artful way! A raw, yet heart-warming look at the human condition.

Debra Millman

Knowing that each story is true, independently written and told by each actor, made the play even more special. I especially liked the ones that I could relate to (my husband had an affair; and my daughter struggled in school, is highly creative, great at puzzles, and had one teacher that made all the difference!). Also, Alan Carnegie is my longtime friend, so I knew his story; he is not a real actor or screenwriter, but you would never know it. He knocked my socks off. His story was intelligently written, emotionally charged, and his delivery authentic (I was squirming at parts); he even had spot-on comedic timing!

My overall impression was a positive one; the play is fabulous, super entertaining! All the individual stories were interesting; the overlapping of the actors and the acting collaborations in the skits were so cleverly executed.