The Back Stories of our Story

THE SHAPE OF THINGS by Francis Gonzales

I still struggle with Dyslexia everyday, it is part of me. However, I've learned and continue to discover techniques and shortcuts that allow me to consume literature, and write enough to achieve my life goals. I never stop trying...

AUSTIN 2012 by Alan Carnegie

Alan met Jill through mutual friends after they ran into Jill at a bat mitzvah. The matchmakers had a vested interest in the success of the match: they design custom jewelry and of course crafted Jill’s engagement ring! Win Win.

Alan & Jill will marry next summer right here in Hollywood at the Wattles Mansion, next to the community garden where Alan tills that soil. Ronda may be there, but not Beatrice or Bruno. Simon’s bringing the tequila.

SNUFF FILM by Victoria Goodhart

Life in the fast lane in L.A. back in the 80's could get stressful and scary. I was very young and did not yet have the tools to cope with some of the pressures of the times. At times I just wanted OUT and could only see one way. I knew some wacky people back then and the guy who told me about the audition for the snuff film was hanging out with some very shady characters. 

THE WORST DAY OF MY LIFE by Sophia La Paglia

back story coming soon

MY WEDDING Day by Robin Walker

back story coming soon


I was in the midst of a beautiful relationship that was filled with passion.. my lover at the time was going through a tremulous moment in life and fell into hard drugs.  The relationship continued and I tried to help him stop until eventually it became too much and got to the point where I was about to lose part of myself. I know the path of substance abuse far too well and where it leads.  My heart hurt, my mind wandered and eventually I had to make a decision.

Give up the last bit of my heart for a person or protect myself. Passion, physicality, emotion, fire and earth, these elements danced around until the world wobbled to its knees calling upon a decision. Will I open my heart to another? Perhaps.